Keep an eye on pets and know they're safe with live HD video right from your phone.

Your four-legged family.

Whether they bark, purr, squeak, or chirp, your best friend is an important part of your life. Stay close to them and see what they’re up to no matter where you are.

Know they’re having a good day

“It’s so reassuring to know that I can check in on my pets even while I’m at work. And I love seeing how my cats interact with each other when they think no one is home!”
— Elise, Chicago

Motion detection

Mobile notifications

Video downloads

“Dog sitting for the weekend. Can keep an eye on him with Canary.”

— Ben, Dublin

“My new Canary has eliminated 80% of my dog-home-alone anxiety.”

— Poppy, San Francisco

“You guys. I just got a @canary and I keep stalking my cat! This. Is. Awesome.”

— Devon, Los Angeles

Never miss a moment.

Save the best videos with Canary Premium Service. Capture every tug-of-war, new trick, or cuddle session, and share them with friends and family.

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