Whether you have two-room bungalow or a two-acre estate, Canary is the right home security solution for you.

Home security that puts you in control.

With Canary’s Pro (all-in-one) security system home is never farther away than your phone. Get HD video notifications, watch real-time footage, and sound the siren with a swipe of your finger.

Feel safe and secure

“I was hundreds of miles from home when a push notification alerted me to video of a man entering my home. I sounded the siren and coordinatedwith the local police, all from the Canary app. He was arrested within 15 minutes.”
—Steve P

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Mobile notifications

90+ dB siren

Localized 911

Black Canary Pro security camera with a siren and temperature, humidity, and air quality sensors.


Free with 1-year Premium Service
Graphite Canary View home security camera with night vision and person and motion detection


$99 with 1-year Premium Service
Black Canary Flex home security camera for outdoor and indoor use with person and motion detection


$129 with 1-year Premium Service
Set of home security cameras - one Canary Pro and two Canary Flex for monitoring and surveillance


Save $100+
From $199

“I was out to dinner when I got a push notification of a guy going up my stairs. The police used the video to catch the perp in about 40 minutes. He got arrested and I got my family heirlooms back”

— Mike, Oregon

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Never miss a moment.

Capture it all with Canary Premium Service. Save and download the video evidence you need, and share them with local law enforcement or insurance agents.

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